New box and new software features

A project log for Galdeano handheld computer

It is a python handheld computer with a complete keyboard and a symbolic math engine inside it.

Angel CabelloAngel Cabello 10/08/2022 at 17:160 Comments

We have developed a new box to the handheld. This one uses a 2 AA batteries box, so we decided to make a box in the shape of a trapezoid.

We have added a couple of improvements, a pencil inside the box, with a wire that attaches it to a magnet, so it is fixed in the box. Two-mode magnet help to secure the box to any iron surface.

And we have added tape to protect the keys. It is also attached by two magnets. There is also brass pieces to screw the screws

In the software part, we have added history in the calculator. It shows all the executed operations, and the up/down keys navigate through the commands. And have developed a faster way to create function graphs. Now we use a vectorial loop inside the Eigenmath engine to get all the points in one operation.