USB keyboard feature - proof of concept OK!

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Turning an obsolete video editor console into a mothership-sized keyboard + trackball + stream deck

noughtnautnoughtnaut 11/13/2022 at 13:020 Comments

# It's alive

After restructuring the firmware code to work with the Arduino IDE, the console now works as a USB keyboard for most standard keys; non-standard keys are reported as [TEXT] with press/release events. MuahahaHAHAAH! I can do this!

I've published the code to github. I haven't yet considered whether all the files (diagrams, etc.) should be there, too, so for now they're just here at Hackaday.

I have a few minor issues with the hardware keyboard being capped with a US layout, which is not what I'm using logically on my workstation, which is why a few keys are seemingly mapped incorrectly. Also, the Teensy keyboard library seems to be lacking an [Alt Gr] keycode, so for now I just have two [Alt] keys.

Next up (beyond mapping the row above the keyboard to be function keys) is either working on reading the trackball and jog wheel, or resuming my work on the main system board so that I might light up the VFD and those additional 18 keys.