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A project log for Raspberry Pi Pico CNC Shield xSB

I do have the vision, of a cheap CNC Board. Whose creation does not require more equipment and skills as a hobbyist would have.

DD-Y41613DD-Y41613 09/14/2022 at 19:330 Comments

A few days ago, I milled the first version of the PCB. The result of the milling was on one hand satisfying and on the other hand disappointing. The text and some other fine detailes (of the more relevant parts) were awesome. Unfortunately there was a kind of a "blind spot" on the PCB, where - based on my incorrect auto leveling - the V-shape bit didn't mill anything in an area of 2x4mm. That's when I decided to share my experiences, in the hope it will be of some benefit for you (the reader).