[P] Double and Half

A project log for T^2 TyMist [gd0138]

I need some virtual desktop monitors that offer 90PPD at 90Hz.

kelvinakelvinA 02/17/2023 at 19:580 Comments

The lenses shipped in 11 days (bundled with other orders) and I didn't expect to get 10pcs. That's double what I thought I was ordering and I guess the listing was 2pcs x 5. I also expected the lenses to be 10-11mm but it was just over half that at 5.7mm.

Unfortunately, there's a defocused / distorted ring that is concentric with the lens centerpoint / circumference. All lenses have it and none of the product photos showed it.

Additionally, a long focal length does not seem to equate that chromatic abberation is reduced (compared to a shorter length), so white text / icons are still reddish on one side and bluish on the other.