First SBW PCB sponsored by PCBWay

A project log for SymBioWare - V1

A wearable system to augment human perception in relation to other living beings (e.g. plants and fungi), via bio-data sensing/processing.

DaniloDanilo 5 days ago0 Comments

I was happily surprised to receive a message from Liam from PCBWay, which  enjoyed the project and offered me a pcb sponsorship to try their service.

I've accepted their offer and with the invaluable help of Sam Cusumano (from Electricity for Progress) I was able to send a design to be printed.

As a newbie to pcb creation, I was a bit confused by the ordering interface at first, but having the option to upload a gerber file and have it all filled up automatically was an amazing finding. The prices were also a good surprise, even though I had a coupon.

There was a small problem with the initial file I submitted, but customer service was quick to let me know. After that, I only had to worry about providing the right shipping address and wait.

When the pcbs arrived, I was amazed by their fine quality, materialized in their strength and appealing looks.

Overall, I'm super happy with the service and product and would definitely recommend it to other people.