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wearable (not) voice-controlled cyberdeck

Igor BrkicIgor Brkic 09/28/2022 at 10:420 Comments

After some thinking about what would be fun to build (and also giving myself a limit that it can only contain stuff that I already have and shouldn't take longer than a few days to build) I decided on a convertible form factor but with an automatic open/close mechanism. To initiate mode change I also decided to go with voice commands. And since the keyboard I had is a bit wider than the display, I decided to add another small display.

The idea is to have it mounted on a wrist and it can show and capture image in front of it but also it can switch to terminal mode where the keyboard can be used.

The keyboard I had is the one I purchased some time ago and it's a really nice one - keys are quite acceptable and it can pair and switch between two devices. Unfortunately I can't find it any more (the original purchase link is

For the mode changing mechanism I decided to design some sort of linkage capable of switching the modes and use a small servo to drive it.

So, after some initial 3D modeling and deciding on placement I ended up with this: