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A project log for doomba

this is a bad fun idea...

Kyle BrinkerhoffKyle Brinkerhoff 09/30/2022 at 05:050 Comments

so basically to get this terrifying roomba clone in the flesh i started with some dimensions i stole from an actual roomba, ultimately i plan to gut a roomba to cram this inside of it for extra stealth but thats down the road a bit , first constraint is diameter of the main body, seems like a 300mm diameter suits it well so im doing that, frame will be laser cut via send cut send and ill be using belts and pulleys off of a pair of brushless motors to get this thing scooting around

these little drive modules ended up being cool as hell in my opinion but thats gonna be a problem later... (ominous foreshadowing) 

anyweys doofing around in fusion 360 for a couple of hours produced this lovely render that shows how this thing goes together 

its pretty simple but effective in providing some suspension to keep the drives engaged with the ground by easy to make on the ol ender 3 potato master 9000. 

after a buttload (metric) of printing the drive modules where complete.

it was about this time that the chassis showed up from send cut send in aluminum , (I wanted carbon fiber but my wallet said no). 

first assembly !

it was at this point I realized I needed a thingy to hold all the electronics , so 30 min in fusion 360 resulted in this, im calling it the main electronics sub chassis. it also holds the gas canister valve doohicky so the canister wont fall out the bottom of the robot 

 at this point i started finally installing the drive electronics, super duper simple tank drive, this was a bad idea, cause this thing is stupid fast

oh by the way, the front and back wheels are the smallest swivels with actual tires available via the all mighty mcmaster carr catalog (all hail the sacred texts for they are mighty with cad data) 

at this point it was time for a test drive, and boy howdy did it go bad....

oh the carnage

so that brings us to now. ( like right now, today, at this very moment)

so yeah, my robot barfed its motors.


so back in the ol confuser in fusion 360 I quickly designed some drive modules to be made out of mild steel, these will be tig welded together but should act as a heatsink so it don't get so melty anymore 

ive sent them off to my beloved send cut send and will weld them together sometime next week hopefully and ill be able to "GIVE IT THE BEANS" and really smoke those lil tires! 

whats next!?!?