Printing an Updated Chassis

A project log for Fully Analog 60% HID Cluster

Custom Human Interface Device with suite of fully-analog inputs. Keyboard, Mouse, Dual Joystick (HOSAS), Dual Throttle(HOTAT), and HOTAS.

Sp4mSp4m 11/22/2022 at 04:460 Comments

After working on modular components for a few weeks, and spending some time typing on my chassis, it's time to implement a few core design improvements.

Little Things

Using some chassis elements originally created to facilitate the injection molding process, I bulked them up a little and added some holes that go through the base. 

The Cable Cutout

The original hole cut into the chassis was adequate for connecting a cable straight in, but if I want to do any cable management, and install an angled connector, I discovered that the rear of the chassis was far too bulky.

Queueing the Print Job

Printing in Black Silk, because I hate it and this is a prototype.

I used custom supports to make sure I don't get filament stuck in the "foot holes"

And printing it at a skinny-ass layer height, because I'm running this overnight, and I have the time.

     .4mm layer height prints crazy fast out of a .6mm nozzle, but it takes a lot of sanding to get those layer lines gone..

Check out that delicious Hilbert Curve infill.

In the past few weeks I've also done some Proof-of-Concept testing with the docks and the wiring, and that did not go as well as planned. It was a very valuable experiment. That update will come soon!