Overconfidence in the design

A project log for Skantdeck

Unfinished sick68 keyboard feature creeps into designing and ordering parts for a cyberdeck build.

iHallyiHally 10/04/2022 at 13:360 Comments

There is a certain aesthetic that is very appealing about the classic Neuromancer cyberdecks. I would like to try and stay true to this while also maintaining some functionality for daily driving.

The main body of the deck will have the 60% keyboard and the wide 8.8” display on a 60deg angle. This should provide a retro feel.

Two fold out modules house the USB hub, low res system information displays, and other HID (dial, slider)

The 11.6” screen can be slid out and hinged up being held magnetically buy adjustable catches to provide a range of viewing angles.

Inside the main body will house the rpi4, screen controller boards, batteries, bms, large screen on a slide with hinge, and the cooling system (pump, radiator, waterblock). Not exactly sure how its all going to fit and maintain any kind of slim portable shape.

Another feature of interest is to use the keyboard as a hid for other systems like a main PC. I’m sure this can be achieved using multiple teensy controllers with a selector switch. There is likely a more elegant solution I have yet to discover.

The last thing of importance is to have a selector for having a HDMI out port. Using a switch to enable the output between the large display and the HDMI out. There are HDMI switch products available however with a quick google I’m sure I can ruin a HDMI cable and create some janky hack.

Next step is to 3D model the parts and try to fit them together