The ZX2022

A homebuilt Z80 Computer with CP/M which can run historic software

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Yet another homebuilt Z80 Computer, but this one works without any FPGAs or Microcontrollers, but components that were available at the time when the Z80 processor was state of the art. It can run historic CP/M programs like Multiplan, Wordstar and MBasic, as well as some games. This is a reminiscense to the Sinclair ZX81 computer. In contrast to its predecessor, the ZX2020, this one uses a 32 kilobyte EE Prom to reliably store the CP/M BDOS and BIOS. Furthermore a PS/2, or PS/2 compatible USB keyboard can be connected. With an optional TMS99x8 based video card, a TV or monitor can also be used.


  • Zilog Z80 processor @6MHz, higher clock rates might also work.
  • 128 Kilobytes of static RAM, can be switched in banks of 32k
  • 32 Kilobytes of EEprom
  • Serial interface for Terminal emulation, (Putty works best)
  • Serial interface for file transfer. Files in a special folder on the PC show up as drive B>
  • EEprom provides 15 Kilobytes of file memory (drive A>). CP/M executables are started automatically after reset or power on
  • IDE (PATA) interface. Provides 4x16 Kilobyte organized as drives C>..F>
  • CP/M 3.0
  • 64-Pin connector for up to 6 Extension modules
  • Optional graphics card with TMS99x8.
  • 256x192 pixels and 15 colors
  • 32 Sprites (8x8, 16x16 or 32x32 upscaled)
  • NTSC (TMS9918) or PAL (TMS9928)
  • Supports PS/2 or PS/2 compatible USB keyboards. New USB keyboards or wireless keyboards may NOT work.

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