A project log for Shop Reorganization

Putting my house in order

David TuckerDavid Tucker 12/08/2022 at 03:380 Comments

So before committing a lot of time and money to building shop furniture I think it is worthwhile taking a look around to see what other low cost options there may be out there just to make sure I'm not making a bad investment.  So I took a quick stroll through Harbor Freight and cataloged some of the furniture they had on hand. I also looked around home depot, but there prices are not really comparable (there quality probably is not either!).

At the bottom end they have this wooden workbench.  At only $200 (and $150 on sale) I seriously considered this when I built my first bench.  However it is not very deep at all, and it is extremely rickety, you can move it several inches side to side without effort.  It could just be poorly put together but I suspect it would take some serious effort to reinforce this. Still I'm probably not building a new bench for less, even if I reuse most of the material from my current one.

They actually have a cheaper workbench made out of some thin pieces of angle iron, but I doubt it would hold up to much of anything.

Next up we have this tool cart for $300.  It has plenty of drawers but I can't really put any of my machines on top of it so it can't serve double duty.  It is really only on the list because of the price.

Finally we have these oversized toolboxes with wooden tops. They are a bit tall but could be used to store some of the smaller tools on top.  The price is way up there, my guess is I could build something cheaper (out of wood of course) that would better suit my needs.