A project log for Shop Reorganization

Putting my house in order

david-tuckerDavid Tucker 05/29/2023 at 18:420 Comments

I had a busy weekend and managed to get the drawer slides installed into my tool cart.  I found this trick from someone where you cut down a piece of scrap wood as a reference for installing the rails. This way each side is perfectly in alignment and level to the floor of the cart.

It seems to work well, I was able to get everything installed fairly quickly.  Notice the extra spacers on the bottom right drawer.  This is where the air compressor will go.  For now I'm not going to make this a sealed box, but if I need to quiet things down further then I wanted to have room to run a seal all the way around the frame of the drawer.  Along the same lines I did not put a top on the box, but I could fit it in easily enough if I needed too.

To cut the drawer sides I needed to make a new cross cut jig.  The one I made before was too narrow.

Using this I was able to run a full sheet of wood through the jig.  I made it through one full 4'x8' sheet so far, I still have another sheet and a smidge to cut out.  But these are the drawer bottoms, they should go quicker.  I probably won't have time to finish cutting the parts this week, or next, but hopefully the week after I can get things cut and start building drawers.