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    Created by former Google Employees, Toit was a concept to make IoT Devices easily accessible, to monitor and control for enterprise uses. To simply secure the code on our ESP32 microcontrollers with lightweight containers and orchestrate them through our cloud API.

    It uses sandbox containers, where our applications run isolated from the system, and each other, on the devices. Communicate with our cloud through a simple API (CLI), we take care of the rest.

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    Get PCBs for Your Projects Manufactured

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    We own our data and we get to store it wherever we want. Feed data from our devices directly into your own system using HTTPS or MQTT, or let the platform help us get our bits to and from our devices. It is as simple as that.

    Deploy code, access logs, update firmware, and install applications on your devices. Let your data flow into your own system, and share it with your customers. They just handle your microcontrollers.

    Get full visibility into your device fleet with logs covering connectivity, code execution, and crash reports. Trace the bug, fix it and redeploy, all within minutes. Assign your devices into groups and deploy updates on a group-by-group basis.

    All these high-level complex features, with the help of Toit.