The process that I use for making component art is really simple. I'll give an overview of how I made my component art, and I'll also talk about where to get components. I won't try to make this a detailed guide because making component art like this is not very colplicated. 

The wire frame that I use is 14AWG copper/nickel alloy wire. I got it from a jewelry supply store. It's easy to work with, it looks nice, and solder sticks to it really well.

I started by finding the shape that I wanted on the internet, and printing it out on a piece of paper. I use this printout to carefully bend the wire into the shape that I'm after. I use a pair of needle nose pliers for the sharper bends. It's important to make the shape lay flat on the paper. Once the outline is just right, all that's left is to add components. I figured out that the end result looks a lot nicer if you solder the components leads under the frame wire.

Where to get components:

If you want to get some components besides what you've got laying around, Digi Key, LCSC, Mouser or you name it has everything you need. The only catch is that components are just not classified by color, or any "artistic" criteria. To shop at those places you'll have to spend hours sifting through datasheets. Surplus components are a much better way to go. Most of the components in the three pieces pictured above came from one eBay seller that I really like, Discount Components Warehouse. They have a plethora of components that are very well categorized, and each has a good picture.

I'm also very partial to USSR vintage components. Just about every component that the USSR made is just plain gorgeous.  I did not use any USSR components in this project, but I highly recommend them.

It's hard to go wrong with vintage integrated circuits and CPU's. If you do a search on eBay for "purple ceramic gold IC" you will find plenty of these cool old chips. The catch is that they have a lot of gold in them and they are literally worth their weight in gold. I've found that about $30 is a good price for one of these CPU's.