Picolator (Prototype A)

A Raspberry Pi Zero Portable Console

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Picolator is a portable console that uses the Raspberry Pi Zero as the emulator for the fantasy console Pico8.

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Yvan256 wrote 12/13/2016 at 20:58 point

Which LCD display is that? Is it connected via HDMI, composite?

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emailqasim wrote 12/13/2016 at 22:24 point

It's the 3.5" PiTFT (

It uses SPI. I'll publish a how-to with all of the parts once I'm done with my school stuff. Promise.

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Qasim Dove wrote 12/13/2016 at 22:30 point

I have to delete this one. You can follow it on TheQYD (my original account). I'll publish stuff about it there.

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