Working on the Mark 2 PBC

A project log for Radio Feather X

All in One STM32 feather board with Radio capabilities (NRF24 and LORA)

flavioFlavio 02/21/2023 at 11:270 Comments

I have been tinkering on this design for a couple of months.

Currently I am working on the second revision of the board in KiCad, which has support for 3 RF modules, all of which are small enough and have IPX antennae connectors,  so they can be soldered on top of this board

The first iteration was designed to have the NRF24 and LNA chip in board, but the cost benefit was low, since using modules make the board more versatile and cheaper.

Also there were some bugs on the electronic circuit of the first revision that required some bodge wiring and are addressed on the second revision.

I am still testing the integration with RF modules before considering the revision 2 ready  for ordering from the PCB manufacturer.

I will make another post once I have gone through the integration test with the NRF24 module.