Project log-29102022

A project log for New open source hardware 1U satellite project.

New open source hardware 1U satellite project.

tranvinhquangTRAN.VINH.QUANG 02/26/2023 at 03:570 Comments

The project conducts the design of the I2C isolation circuit, power management for the microprocessor module, has a total of 8 microprocessor modules with 1 total processor for monitoring, the project is expected to design 8 modules to perform the task. Explore different stats in outer space including radioactivity, light indicators, humidity, acceleration...

These sensors are limited in supply, some have to be self-made from components, but within their capabilities, the project will try to integrate as much as possible.
This satellite version uses a new chip compared to previous similar satellite projects and uses the new technology of the Nifgo development board to research and create MVP,
Separate feature test versions will be built first, hybrid versions executed later to complete the task.