Batteryless operation using en Energy Harvesting module and a Lithium-Ion Capacitor (LIC)

A project log for Generic Node (Sensor Edition)

Generic Node is an easy-to-use multi-sensor LoRaWAN® sensor node powered by STM32WL5x - ULP multi-modulation wireless s microcontroller.

makertonika-labsMakertonika Labs 02/27/2023 at 08:280 Comments

Lithium Ion Capacitors (LICs) are a great alternative to traditional lithium ion batteries in many LPWAN applications. This LIC module which comes with a 250F LIC and a 3.3V regulated output.

There's also a newer/better version of this harvesting module which uses AEM10941 from e-peas.

Solar powered version has been running for more than 6 months now (over the winter) without interruption. Here's the Datacake IoT dashboard for it.