New Concept of Electric Accumulator

Using Gas Plasma instead of Liquid

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New concept of electric accumulator
I suggest to use gas plasma instead of liquid. like liquid there gas plasma consists from free ions be able to act in chemistry reaction with electrodes.
This is a concept. So the details can be developed by chemistry and physics specialists.
Gas plasma is created by high voltage.
So the accumulator works in thius time only. After taking off high voltage, Accumulator stops working. Plasma dissappeared. And between electrodes restores insulation. This gives ideal accumulator without energy leakage.
Because the high voltage ignitition , accumulator can take a high working output voltage - tens/hundreeds of Volts. This considerably improves quality of energy.
Accumulator has two processes charging and discharging.
In both cases we use high voltage ignition.
This is problem of electronics.

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