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6502 based learning in a familiar form factor

anders-nielsenAnders Nielsen 03/30/2023 at 12:260 Comments

First PCB's ordered. Gerbers posted to Github if you're feeling especially lucky - I'd be surprised if a bodge or two won't be needed. With a holiday coming up I have a horrible feeling I won't get my hands on them before there's less than a week left until the challenge round deadline. 

I also had to throw in a last minute change, since 1 MHz crystals might not be as common as I thought. The breadboard version has a 1 MHz can oscillator but unless I mount that awkwardly in a socket on top of some other components(or the dreaded bottom of the PCB) there's simply no room for a DIP8 footprint can. 
My solution is a 2.5x2mm SMD oscillator, slightly overlapping the crystal footprint since they won't be used at the same time anyway - the more options the merrier I guess. 

I'll certainly be trying my luck with some 2-3MHz overclocking eventually - I have a feeling the bottleneck will be the 6532 before the 6507.