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6502 based learning in a familiar form factor

anders-nielsenAnders Nielsen 09/12/2023 at 11:020 Comments

We're reached the deadline for the Wildcard challenge round in the Hackaday Prize 2023, but let me tell you this - the 65uino has years of projects ahead!

I had a bit of a detour modifying ROMs bigger than 28 pins to work with the 65uino(video below) but I'm currently working hard on a video to finish the basic SSD1306 OLED library - and it's going well!

At time of writing I have it working, perfectly entering text via serial, setting cursor locations etc, but the whole "video editing thing" also takes a bit of time, so that'll be a thing for later. 

And I think I'll even have it logging into a Raspberry Pi! We'll see soon :)

For now, there's the ROM thing if you missed it.