Update PCB v03-02, 2023/04/23

A project log for OpnBeat / DIY Lo-fi Sampler with ISD1700 series

Low cost, understandable, easy to use sampler with true Lo-fi sound powered by Arduino and legacy voice recorder chip.

hiro-akihabaraHiro Akihabara 04/23/2023 at 10:200 Comments

PCB v03-02

I updated PCB. Major change points are below.

Below red area shows there test points.

These test points are useful for DIY.

For example,

I got feedback from some people who prefer the real time pitch control function in previous prototype. If you want that function, it's very easy to implement by using these test points. 

About real time pitch control function, please watch video below.

example of using test points for real time pitch control

By connecting potentiometer, you can change Rosc value of ISD1700 which determine sampling and playback speed. As a result you can change pitch of playback sound. This function is using ISD1700 hardware and doesn't have nothing to do with Arduino software. 

PCB v03-03

I'm modifying PCB for optimizing BOM towards small batch PCBA production.