Week 7

A project log for Mood Watch

A watch that can be used to describe emotions and their intensity. Twist the dial to control the color of the LED light.

nehaNeha 06/08/2023 at 19:070 Comments

We needed to find a solution that would keep our watch securely attached to the strap without the messiness of pipe cleaners. We wanted to find a balance between functionality and looks, ensuring that our design not only worked well but also looked pleasing. Next, we began sketching our ideas on paper. There were several possibilities which included gluing the box onto the strap or somehow taping it, but both of those ideas would end up looking messy like our previous idea with the pipe cleaners. Another challenge we had is how to properly hold the large battery as well and so with this, we decided to use two boxes rather than one that would wrap around the wrist, but we still didn’t know how to attach the boxes to the strap in a clean way. 

After some time we came up with the idea of having the end of the strap go into a little space through the inside of the box then out the other (shown in the sketch) then fasten that end on the buckle like normal, this proved to be a great solution because it looked much smoother. We also had a little space for the wires to connect through the two boxes in a way where it didn’t fray or anything. After sketching we spent some time to CAD our initial design.

                                                       CAD Sketches and Finalization

First, we have the box that will hold the battery. The battery is a bit large in size which does prove to be a challenge but we must make do until we have the time to order a new more compact one. You can see the hole above will be used to let the wires through into the next box, and the hole underneath that is used for the watch strap to slip right through creating a clean and smooth way to fasten it all together.

Next, we have the box which we are planning to have it contain the rotary encoder with the dial on top. This will create some height but in order to have a big enough dial while also storing and organizing the other parts we will have to make it a bit tall. Once again the top hole is for the wires to be able to transfer right through to the other box or receive the wires, and the hole on the bottom will be used for the end of the watch strap to go through to pull it all together and make it fit nice and comfy.

So this week we spent the majority of our time brainstorming so many different combinations of organizing and storing all the parts which proved to be a challenging task, but we did get this idea which turned out to be our best one. Our next step is to print the boxes out and test them and see if our idea will work the way we want it to or if we need to make any changes. We are questioning the idea of having two boxes on a singular wrist but we have to see it in order to really know if it'll be good or bad.