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A project log for "Mercator Origins": Sat Nav & Telemetry for Divers

Want to map your dive? Want to navigate like a pro? Even if you are vision-impaired, this will empower you to navigate our underwater world.

mark-b-jonesMark B Jones 06/02/2023 at 09:230 Comments

I have 20 or so more videos covering this project in the queue awaiting (rough) edit and upload in the pipeline including the Gozo sea trials, but for now there’s around 30 videos uploaded for your delectation!

Scuba Hacker’s Sat Nav YouTube Channel

Amongst the many code repos/projects on my github, these are the ones for Mercator Origins: (all named after sharks. There are 4 computers - 7 CPU cores - now independently working to implement this project!)





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