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A project log for $10 Robot!

A super cheap educational robotics platform. Everything you need to build and program a simple robot.

neil-lambethNeil Lambeth 09/28/2023 at 11:470 Comments

After researching the different types of ESP32 Devkits I redesigned the A+ sized board. I was hoping to make one board that would accept all the different devkits but in the end I designed two new boards. One to for the 38pin versions and one for the 30pin version.

The 38 pin version was pretty easy as I just added another row of pads so the board could  accommodate both the wide and narrow versions.

As there was some space under where the Devkit would go I also added some pads to solder in a capacitor which would help if you are driving more powerful motors. 

The pinout for the 30 pin version was quite different so It needed it's own board. I wanted to be able to use this version of the Devkit as it's available in bulk, so it works out to be the cheaper option.