TPU Tracks

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neil-lambethNeil Lambeth 09/28/2023 at 13:590 Comments

A s mentioned in my previous log, my chassis design was based around some cheap tank tracks I found on Aliexpress, these came in at about $2.85 for the pair. I hadn't included these in my original costing so I need a cheaper alternative.

I had a roll of TPU filament lying around but hadn't had much need for it. So this was a perfect opportunity to try it out properly.

I set about designing a version of the tracks in FreeCAD.

It turns out that it actually prints pretty easily, I just used the default settings and they came out well. There's a little bit of stringing on the inside lugs but nothing I can't live with.

Having a quick look on Amazon, I can get a 1kg roll of TPU for around $24. I weighed the tracks and together they came in at 19 grams. That works out at just under $0.5 for the pair. That will get me back on budget.