[M] Updated holder and cover

A project log for Coaxial8or [gd0144]

Full-colour FFF? Multi-materials with unparalleled interlayer bond strength? Abrasives without abrasion?

kelvinakelvinA 05/14/2024 at 03:560 Comments
Also finally got some new project renders with LED rings that better shows what the hotend is trying to do.

I've gone through and updated the printed files (and the render LEDs to better represent what this hotend is actually doing).

I have changed the grill so that it's easier to see if there's a leak happening on the main gasket. Since this makes the cover look top-heavy, I've moved my logo to the top (which resembles a spool on bearings).

In other news, the grub screw for the thermistor successfully works on one of the two Coaxial8ors so I'm going to need to re-tap the other one.