How to Play

  • You can move the neon glider [Left], [Right], and [Down]
  • Picking up the neon spheres(+) and hitting the ramps(++) makes you go faster
  • Hitting a neon rectangle disintegrates you, unless you just picked up a neon sphere
  • The spheres give you temporary invincibility: hitting the rectangle will instead slow you down
  • The number at the top right? Your system time. In case you lose track. There is no goal, no score. 


  • Arrows:   Left, Down, Right
  • WASD:   [A] (left), [S] (down), [D] (right)

Comments on the Project

I made this a few years ago, so I don't have much of concrete project documentation, just a very messy development folder. The most interesting part was learning about and implementing effective collision detection, but I also had fun making all the game assets and getting the mechanics just right. 

You can find a copy of the game for Windows in the Files section.