Hardware design

A project log for ForkLocator

An AI-powered tool that indicate user to locate a fork on a table, providing directional guidance for visually impaired

revoxdynaRevoxdyna 05/23/2023 at 10:350 Comments

The hardware design is straightforward. The flappers will be installed on the motors and pressed on the user's arm gently and repeatedly to indicate the direction to move. 
The device will be separated into the following modules:

  1. left flapper
  2. right flapper
  3. forward and backward flapper
  4. controller  module

All the modules would be installed onto the elastic band eventually to make the device portable and easy to use.

 As this is still the POC stage,  the battery is not included and the wirings would be handled afterward.

For the left/ right flapper module:

For the forward/ backward flapper module:

For the Arduino and Bluetooth module: