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Hyr0nHyr0n 06/25/2017 at 17:342 Comments

Perhaps you don’t like graphical user interfaces and the soothing green monochrome glow of the command line just gives you warm fuzzies. Some of the badge can be managed via terminal over Bluetooth. Head to the Google Play store, search for “AND!XOR” and use the companion app. If you use iOS, the Nordic nRF Toolbox is “compatible” with its BLE UART applet. However it is more verbose than we like and sometimes buggy, you may have to force close. We recommend making friends with an Android user, find one and buy them a beer…or get yourself an Android burner phone for DEF CON (Per @Viss a real burner phone is one you can fit in your butt). Note that this smartphone integration feature isn't available until the badge has been activated...DO NOT EMAIL US ASKING WHY IT DOES NOT WORK IF YOU HAVE NOT ACTIVATED YOUR BADGE.

The terminal can be used for many lulz, utility functions on the badge, discovery of unlocks, and modification of <REDACTED> to support <REDACTED>. We've also included a script kiddie toolbox so you can quickly execute commands at the tap of a button (but you have to program it yourself). A note to those who are wary of application permissions, the app will ask for the ability to access location services. We are NOT tracking you, the Android environment bundles Bluetooth with location services. If you don't enable it, the app can't use BLE to communicate with the badge.

Reminder: While you are logged into the maintenance terminal, the badge is in "MAINTENANCE MODE" (e.g. you are offline and other Bluetooth services are disabled)

Organic AND!XOR Android Application Quick Start Guide

  1. Launch App
  2. Tap Terminal
  3. Tap Connect
  4. Select a badge from the list to connect to (we only show AND!XOR badges)
  5. Swipe Right (giggity...)
  6. Type "help" at the terminal for a list of available commands
  7. Swipe Left and disconnect when done (or it will timeout with 2 minutes of inactivity).

Mo@R Info and Pretty Pictures

Alternate Screen Layouts

Don't fancy yourself with the standard smartphone portrait layout? Use a tablet? We got you covered.

Command List

For command usage details, simply type the command in the terminal and it will automatically display the recommended usage with parameters, flags, etc (if necessary).


Mike Szczys wrote 07/27/2017 at 17:32 point

I've already spent waaaaay too much time at the terminal line and still no escalated privileges. Off to scour Twitter for hints!

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Richard Hogben wrote 07/21/2017 at 18:51 point

super cereal

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