The chaotic circuit

A project log for Chaotic Lighthouse

A circuit sculpture to participate in the 2023 op amp challenge.

mabe42MaBe42 05/26/2023 at 20:490 Comments

The circuit is Sprott's chaotic jerk circuit.

The schematic is linked from the above website. I use the signal 'x' for my lighthouse.
Let's label the resistor from top to bottom and then to the right. So the topmost is R1 and the rightmost is R6.
Caps labelled from left to right.

In my circuit all op amps are 1/2 of LM358 driven from a single 12V supply (which requires generating a virtual ground).
D = 1N4148
R1 = R2 = R3 = 1k
C1 = 1u
R4 = 10k
are always the same.

My three legs have all different combinations of the other components:
C2 = 1u / 680n / 680n
C3 = 680n / 1u / 680n
R5 = 22k / 33k / 22k
R6 = 33k / 22k / 33k