Datasheets for PXS5-925 KEVEX Thermo-electron Thermo-fisher SCIENTIFIC X-Ray Sources

A project log for X-Ray CT scanners get new life

Two small GE Explore Locus SPs find a new home, and they happen to be mine.

ahron-wayneAhron Wayne 08/12/2023 at 15:110 Comments

These datasheets were astonishingly difficult to get, and then all of a sudden they were here. They've been uploaded to the main files, again with as many keywords as I can muster to help any weary and lost souls that may follow.

Main takeaways:

So yeah! A lot of useful info. Still unknowns I'm curious about, like the actual contents of the tube, and especially potential servicability (maybe not in vacuum itself, but if there's arcing and it's out the tube...) 

I'm back from oklahoma (with a sore throat) so this weekend will be trying the ancient LVDS capture card that just arrived. And seeing real 2D images --- possibly distorted, but hopefully nothing too serious. Assuming I can get the camera to connect at all!