Green Hacks Contest Submission

A project log for YDrip

An open source water meter that detects leaks and measures usage

ydripydrip 07/03/2023 at 23:050 Comments

I wanted to share that this project will be submitted into Hackaday's Green Hacks contest. This opportunity came at the perfect time because the costs for the development of version 3 of YDrip will be significant. This version will be weatherproof and potentially capable of reading diaphragm-style gas meters (some testing is still required). To achieve this, I am planning on injection molding the enclosure, which has a significant upfront cost.

The theme of the contest is to:

Build a hardware solution that recycles electronics, makes energy harvesting or storage more efficient, or contributes to the sustainability movement.

YDrip contributes to the sustainability movement by giving home owners and business the tools to reduce water consumption. It does this in two ways. The first is by detecting leaks before they turn into costly problems. The second is by giving users real-time water usage data to empower individuals to make informed decisions to conserve water. By visualizing consumption patterns and setting goals, individuals can modify their behavior and adopt water-saving practices. This can include water decisions about whether it is time replace that appliance or how long to water the lawn.

A Unique Solution

The YDrip project addresses a gap in the open source market by offering a versatile solution. Its low-cost and low-power design, combined with programmable digital logic, enables it to be repurposed for various applications. For instance, the hardware's fundamental elements can be utilized to monitor gas meters, and by adding an IR LED, it becomes capable of measuring smart electricity meters. This flexibility and adaptability make YDrip a valuable option for a range of monitoring needs.