Remotes at home

A project log for Open Universal Remote (OUR)

Under $10 open source Universal Remote. Bluetooth to IR bridge with ESP32.

Sandeep PatilSandeep Patil 01/02/2017 at 14:460 Comments

This week I was able to get the builtin remote peripheral of ESP32 working. A step closer to getting rid of the 3 remotes at my home.

The Intex (on left) is one for the Music system, the center one is for the TV and DTH on the right. The first two were NEC and was able to decode right away. Will figure out the protocol of the last one soon.

the one with 0xf7 address is the the TV and 0xfe is the Music system. Check this cool repo of all the possible remote codes. This will make life a lot easier!

I will try and port the IRRemote lib to use the built in Remote peripheral the next few days.