Q: Will you lose interest in the project and fizzle out?
A: No. I have an aging x230 to replace and I will never compromise on the TrackPoint, classic keyboard, or easily upgradable parts. These goals can only be achieved with the completion of this project.

Components & Rationale

Framework 16 Laptop Base

Mechanical Re-implementation of the 7-Row ThinkPad Keyboard via QMK and Input Module Interface

TrackPoint in the middle of the keyboard


3D-Printed Raised Palmrest

Extended Bezel

Option: In-Palmrest Multi-Card Reader, Mass Storage, or Arduino Interface

Unresolv(ed/able) Matters

LCD size will likely be 14"

Custom Hinge Pieces

No Trackpad

Pricing of Individual Framework 16 Parts

No Ethernet Port or Hardware Wireless Switch

Lack of Microcontroller and 3D Modelling Skills

Realistic Levels of Free Time

Future Possibilities

Swappable / Extended Batteries

Aluminum Parts

13-inch Variant