More sanding and shaping

A project log for Epson HX-2023

a reimagining of the first "notebook computer"

donDon 07/01/2023 at 18:520 Comments
When we last visiting the intrepid engineer he was busy sanding. He's still sanding.

After the polishing there was much rejoicing!

I'm tempted to add some little people and some lights....

Full disclosure: my cutting and sanding wasn't perfect. I found it easier to re-glue the Pi then try and make a new faceplate. It's lines up 'perfect', just like I measured, yeah. I don't like that the USB 3.0 port sticks out so much. I'll go back and fix that, eventually.

Still need to add the USB C power for the UPS and the HDMI port but it's 99% done.