More 'Chime' Effects

A project log for Stargate LED Clock

An LED clock using the adafruit 1/4 sections to make a 60 LED ring. Although not a new concept, it should be expandable to other variations.

david-hopkinsDavid Hopkins 09/11/2014 at 10:480 Comments

I have decided to do effect sequences for the chimes, the sequences are :

case 1: dial(); dialFailSparks(); break;

case 2: dial(); kawoosh(); wormhole(); wormholeEnd(); break;

case 3: dial(); kawoosh(); wormhole(); wormholeUnstable(); break;

case 4: dialIn(); kawoosh(); wormhole(); wormholeEnd(); break;

case 5: dialIn(); kawoosh(); wormhole(); wormholeUnstable(); break;

default: dial(); dialFail(); break;

these will be selected randomly every hour, since the video of the dial sequence was made, it now dials twice as fast and 'rotates' both ways (randomly)

the kawoosh and dialFailSparks are somewhat tricky, so havent been made yet, and the wormoleUnstable takes far too long at present, but that will be fixed shortly

also, white position markers have been added so that its easier to tell the time... as there are 9 chevrons, it makes it tricky to imagine 12 points to estimate the time, so the markers were nessisary:

seem to have an issue where it occasionally jumps time (backwards) when it resyncs with the RTC, this is odd that the micro can get so far out.