Project Log 1 - Beginning at the End.

A project log for A Brand New Apple Lisa

Producing a Functional Clone of the Apple Lisa 2/5, using NOS components.

dosfoxDosFox 08/05/2023 at 23:090 Comments

I have always been a bit terrible at writing essays. This is a trait of mine that has followed me through my History A level in sixth form, through report writing during my Robotics degree, and now onto writing Technical Descriptions for personal and work projects. 

As such, I try to avoid writing paragraphs of text - as inevitably they become a grammatical and spelling mistake laden minefield that even spellchecker gives up in anger, mysterious punctuation straight out of "a pickle for the knowing ones" , unintelligible sentences that wouldn't go amiss in Vogon poetry, as well as explanations for technical concepts that could only possibly be brought on by a fascinating combination of sleep deprivation, a mild caffeine overdose, and my own brains attempt at throwing any sort of sentence out just so the bloody thing gets done.  

As such, before my entire writing dissolves into some sort of grey gunge that you wouldn't particularly want to get on your shoes. I would like to give thanks to the following people: 

To Alex and Will (AlexTheCat123, Warmech). Thank you so much for letting me use your board designs within this project. Without them this project would never have been completed so quickly, if at all. 

Additionally, special thanks must go to Alex. Without your tireless support and feedback, I would never have been able to figure out some of the stranger problems I encountered. You are the Wozniak to my Jobs!

Spencer of RC2014 - thank you so much for the head start in ICs, and for letting me borrow your EPROM eraser, don't worry I haven't forgotten I still have it...

Thanks must also be given to John of Vintage Micros for the 512K Ram card. That saved me from soldering over 95 more ICs for this project.

Binary Dinosaurs - thank you for giving me a helping hand with some of the checks! 

Compu85 - your information and resources were invaluable within this project. Thanks for answering some of my dumber questions when I asked them!

Riley, thank you for believing in this dumb project. I think we both are amazed this thing even works. 

Bill, without inheriting your stubbornness and attention to detail, this thing would never of been built - let alone work. We're all going to miss you so much, Rest In Peace. 

To all of my friends and family, thank you so much for coming along on this journey - it was a hell of a ride and I think we can all agree it's a near miracle that this thing even works as well as it does. I'm really sorry if I have missed anyone - I appreciate everybody who has helped me with this project. This has been the craziest and most ambitious project I have ever attempted. 

Thank you all.

Now. I thoroughly suggest those reading about this project to grab a nice warm drink and get comfy. 

We have a lot of information to cover.