Raspberry SX

Cyberdesck based on old Commodore 64 SX based on Raspberry Pi.

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It uses a Raspberry Pi 4 with Wifi and 8Gb memory. There is an SSD attached to it using one of the USB 3.0 ports. The other USB 3.0 is used to attach a USB hub. On the USB 2.0 port is a keyboard attached and the other USB 2.0 port is used for the touch screen. It is powered by a powerbank, which is charged using a power supply. There is much place left in the cyberdeck to add other measuring instruments or a Pi modules cluster.

It is open-source and you can adapt the design as you wish as long as you send me a pictures of your usage with a explanation of usage.

And when we meet in person, you can also buy me a beer.

More information is found under the docs in the github project.

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Cesar Miquel wrote 08/16/2023 at 16:26 point

It's in the sidebar but here it is in case you still don't see it:

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Mark McGookin wrote 08/15/2023 at 19:47 point

I must be dumb, but I can’t find a link to the GitHub project 

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chatgptlogin11 wrote 08/13/2023 at 05:29 point

Must visit for more

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chatgptlogin11 wrote 08/13/2023 at 05:28 point

Great Job also visit

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Tom Nardi wrote 08/13/2023 at 04:15 point

Like the idea of printing the case rather than having to find and gut a real "luggable" from the time period.

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David Tillemans wrote 08/13/2023 at 17:29 point

Yes, I thought so too and you can adapt the design to your need if you want to use the interior to store other measuring circuits.

I does take a week to print though.

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