SDR Software selection

A project log for SDR dock 1.0

Raspberry pi based open source device with SDR and easy to use controls for exploring RF signals and data.

kaushlesh-c-kd9vfuKaushlesh C. ( KD9VFU ) 09/06/2023 at 16:550 Comments

I had some great feedback with Hackaday members. There was recommendation for GNU Radio. So, I wanted to do a further detailed analysis on what are the options, and pros and cons of using the software options. 

GNU Radio Companion (GRC)

While GNU seems to be the top contender, I am also liking GQRX distribution. GQRX is very simple, and it is also opensource. And in my experiments, GQRX consumes less power. So, when the 10,000 MaH battery on the SDRDock gets low, SDR++ glitches due to lack of power, while GQRX keeps running when battery gets low.