Adding Blog Engine to WebStick

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Instant ESP8266 Web Server / NAS in USB Stick Form Factor, that can act as a static web server or a poor man NAS

tobychuitobychui 09/18/2023 at 15:200 Comments

It sound a bit crazy, but I just realized that without changing anything on the backend (ESP8266 code), I could in fact write a blog engine for the WebStick.

Though, it is a really basic one with minimal blog features, but it is working!!!

With the latest sd_card content, you can now write your own blog on your WebStick. To add a post, click the New Post button
And you will be redirected to the markdown editor, where you can now write your blog post on your WebStick
After you have finished writing, save it and back to the blog engine. Click the Force Update Posts Index or just refresh the page and you will see your post online!
And of course, if you are not logged in as admin, you won't be able to change the post contents.

Anyway, now you can host your blog on an ESP8266!