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GlitchmakerGlitchmaker 08/19/2014 at 20:530 Comments

In a previous log a talked about using the bright star catalog as a the base for the calculus of star position. This is a very complete catalog that has too much information, that would take to much space in an enbebed solution. To my project I just needed the Harvard Revised Number to identify the star, the Right ascension and  the declination, and the visual magnitude. To clean up the file to my needs i used the following bash code:

grep . bsc5.dat |awk '{print substr($0,1,4)";"substr($0,5,10)";"substr($0,76,15)";"substr($0,103,5)}' > cleaner.csv

What this does is "grepping" the original file line by line, run by awk to get the desired substrings and place the output of the operation in the destination file.

The next step is to start to calculate.... still rusted....