Controller Pins and Arduino

A project log for Custom Intellivision Controller

There have been many redesigns of the Intellivision controller. This is mine.

deftcoyotedeftcoyote 09/23/2023 at 01:080 Comments

There are a lot of decisions to be made, so I'm going to lay out some of the ones I've made so far. A lot of research has gone into this, and I still feel like I'm usually winging it. Here are a few of the questions/decisions and some resources:

The basic setup in PICSimLab. This is showing the pins lighting up with the joystick movement. All 16 positions and their bits are mapped.

In order to simulate testing the keypad, there are rows of buttons set up for analog logic. Thus, in the 2nd picture you can see three of them set up to represent the columns of the keypad- this way I can test out the code. I only use the top 4 buttons in each of the components. Here, I'm pressing the equivalent '8' key and you can see the correct pins light up.

Design 3, which is only a slight variation over the previous one. At some point, I'll need to redesign for ergonomics, but relational placement is all these 3d models are testing.