Wireless connection aida64 using old Raspberry Pi 2/3 and ElecLab 7.4" 1280x400 display

A project log for ElecLab 7.4" 1280x400 Display with HDMI interface

This 7.4" 1280x400 HDMI display can be connected to an X86 PC and also has screw posts for mounting a Raspberry Pi, AIDA64 or Volumio

eleclabElecLab 10/01/2023 at 12:310 Comments

A user shared the modified shell, I have printed it out and assembled it as shown below.

This example is to use the old RPI2/3 to connect the display and turn on aida64 wirelessly, so that you can remove the second secondary screen but still enjoy the fun of aida64.

The full-color 2510 fan has arrived, and the lights change beautifully when it runs.

7.4 Inch 1280x400 Touchscreen

5V Colorful Fan

Display Case

Fan Case

Aida64 skin

Raspberry Pi 2/3
8x   M3x14 screws
4x   M2.5x20 screws
4x   M2.5x8 screws