Synesthetic Homunculus

A portable cyberdeck for creating holographic audio reactive composite compositions.

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The general idea was to take the digital to the physical and back to digital again. Attach light field AR content to a physical object as cheaply as possible and have the content be created in a fashion where the audio reactivity is central so the composition of the score is the composition of the media. Make the media from simple streaming sources like opens street maps and use compressed animated point clouds (originally via google draco), traditional game assets, and composite video stream sources. All delivered an composed real time in the browser. Time and location can alter the experience and levels of detail can mean it can fall back to whatever.

It has been a been a slog through software, hardware, sound, video, robotics, scalability, edge computing, GPU parallelism, and a lot more.

I am closing in on a fairly functional solution after almost a decade and a whole lot of fiddling. More to come!

Thoughts on Designing Systems for Distributed High Performance Computing and AI (Feb 2023)

I wrote this article earlier this year about building distributed system interfaces. It's pretty spongey but I think has some charm.


VRM puppets of a character to present the news.

vrm - 13.94 MB - 10/04/2023 at 02:05



VRM puppets of a character to present the news.

vrm - 13.94 MB - 10/04/2023 at 02:05


  • Ark Navigator Fiduciary Pinax

    Miller Hooks10/04/2023 at 03:02 0 comments

    I am working on a pinax to host the AR fiduciary. It needs to light up an spin. It needs to be able to detect magnetic fields and movement. I've been working on this for a long time and many iterations but the current iteration I'm calling the Ark Navigator. For starters I like a knob. The next version the knob may float.

    Here is a version from 2016.

    Ark Navigator Prototype 2017


    It was pretty cool and had a little LCD with a lens on top, changed colors and was responsive to capacitive touch. It was bluetooth and did not rotate.


    I did a the AEC Hackathon in Seattle the previous year and focused on streaming maps and AR. This is when I discovered that it is really difficult to find a good marker that works in all lighting. Paper markers that are shiny can reflect too much or be impossible to see in low light. Something with internal lighting that can be responsive to the lighting in the room but also whoever is looking for it.

    That brings us to now. Casting various floating and not floating hockey pucks.

    Slip Ring FAFFE

    Basic Levitation

    Up to now and we have a robo pinax with wireless LEDs inside. It's pretty ugly, but I was doing a lot of experimentation to get here figuring out magnet configuration, internal reflection, all sorts of stuff. Here's a video.

    above the bldc is a hall effect sensor and the wireless power antenna and amp.

    Also some seriously overpowered exciters for haptic feedback and sound.

    I shot a short film with a friend a weekend ago. It’ll be the first full composition to be attached to an AR marker.

    Coming Soon! Chess with Sasquatch!

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