It's working!

A project log for kMouse Programming Language Interpreter

kMouse is a programming language created for the 1kB challenge based on the Mouse language created by Peter Grogono

David HunterDavid Hunter 01/06/2017 at 02:110 Comments

I was able to get the interpreter working and tested this week. The picture shows the test program on the left and the terminal output on the right. Unfortunately, I couldn't show the LED blinking, but that is what the "on" and "off" messages indicate.

This was a lot of fun and sometimes quite a puzzle fitting a language interpreter into 1kB. I had to reach into my old "bag of tricks" to get the code down. Early in my career, I needed to fit code in small spaces and it was really great fun to be able to "dust off" the old techniques again. I hope this project inspires others to what can be done in small spaces.