Esp32-C6-Bug Ethernet shenanigans, Surpassing Esp32-C6 radio limitations

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Playing with the new Esp32-C6FH4:

allexokallexoK 10/20/2023 at 14:282 Comments


as we all know Esp32-C6 supports multiple radio protocols: Zigbee, Thread, Wifi, Ble. The problem is that using them at the same time may be challenging since the chip has only one RF path, which means Wi-Fi and Thread can't receive simultaneously and it has a significant impact on performance. Even if it is definitely possible, as demonstrated in ESP-IDF thread-bridge example, there is a better solution. The user can just use the Ethernet and leave the RF to the Thread/Zigbee.

The mentioned example also supports Ethernet out of the box, so why not to check it out? I have used the cheapest W5500 module and Esp32-C6-Bug board. Be sure to set CS pin to GPIO5 using 'menuconfig' if you are using the mentioned example.

The connections are as follow:

W5500 SCLK->Esp32-C6-Bug GPIO6

W5500 MOSI->Esp32-C6-Bug GPIO7

W5500 MISO->Esp32-C6-Bug GPIO2

W5500 CS->Esp32-C6-Bug GPIO5

W5500 INT->Esp32-C6-Bug GPIO4

W5500 GND->Esp32-C6-Bug GND

W5500 3.3V->Esp32-C6-Bug 3.3V

Works like a charm...

Since I am a big fan of Ethernet and PoE I am thinking about making a little shield for the Esp32-C6-Bug, what do you think about it?


biemster wrote 10/20/2023 at 15:48 point

I'm a big fan of Ethernet and PoE too, so that's a definitive yes please!

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allexoK wrote 02/19/2024 at 23:13 point

So I ended up making Ethernet and PoE shield for the Esp32-C6-Bug, check out the Crowdsupply project which is now live:

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