Sim7080G Solar shield, Testing Esp32-C6 with Amazon IoT Core

A project log for Esp32-C6-Bug + Esp32-Bug-Eth

Playing with the new Esp32-C6FH4:

allexokallexoK 04/01/2024 at 18:280 Comments


Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter holidays! First things first, I was experimenting with connecting the ESP32-C6-Bug to AWS via their Amazon IoT Core. Connecting via WiFi connection worked as expected, but it's no surprise since the ESP32-C6 high-level Arduino functions are the same as for other ESP32 chips.

I also spent some time battling with the SIM7080G connection to Amazon AWS, but it seems to be a problem with SSL certificates. Amazon certificates are not working with the SIM7080G and legacy VeriSign certificates seem not to be working in my area (I can't use their certificate even via WiFi).

There is also some progress on the SIM7080G Solar Shield; check it out:

Since it's the first pre-alpha prototype, statistically speaking it has a very low chance to be working, but we will see:)

I plan to make work on Sim7080G later and of course try to combine Zigbee and Sim7080g some time in the future.

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