Mystery solved?

A project log for WiFi Manager for openWRT

An automatic switch between known APs.

Daniel RosemanDaniel Roseman 01/14/2017 at 05:000 Comments

So, the messages I have put into the script seem to be overflowing the log buffer and killing the interface. Specifically, when you have none of the devices on the list to connect to. I would love to just snip that message, but I feel that it is a valuable tool for diagnostic should the router go into an unstable mode. I can confirm that it will come out of it's coma if you have a cron job to reset the router. I have made a cron job that resets the router (and subsequently erases the log for the previous day) once a day at 3am to ensure functionality. Should I snip the offending line of code, or does someone have a better idea (or better understanding)?