• NED8DMA-VYP card

    Michal12/24/2023 at 04:31 0 comments

    I finished the DMA memory write card and faceplate

    The labels on the front panel are still provisional.

  • Basic skeleton

    Michal11/29/2023 at 16:53 0 comments

    I already have the basic skeleton of my computer ready, so it's starting to take shape. On the top floor is the backplane with the cards and on the bottom is the ATX power supply and HDD.

  • NED8NOP card

    Michal11/27/2023 at 03:53 0 comments

    A simple tool for testing the function of the CPU, which uses HW to impose a NOP instruction on the processor, which only increases the address and thus performs a basic test of the function.

  • NED8DMA-LED card

    Michal11/26/2023 at 05:49 0 comments

    I finished the display DMA LED card.

  • The power supply is not working!

    Michal11/19/2023 at 11:53 0 comments

    So it turned out that the power supply, which was supposed to be functional, does not work. Fortunately, I have a promised old PC from which I will have a larger but functional source.

  • Backplane is complete

    Michal11/12/2023 at 09:48 0 comments

    Today I had fun and completed the backplane.

  • PCBs have arrived

    Michal11/07/2023 at 18:11 0 comments

    The ordered PCB and a bunch of other parts arrived today, so the build can begin.


    Michal11/05/2023 at 09:16 0 comments

    While waiting for the PCB I designed an address decoder for the memory.

    32kB EEPROM and 512kB RAM paged by 32kB will be used.

  • First PCB ordered

    Michal11/05/2023 at 06:34 0 comments

    I finished the bases for the first batch of PCBs and had them manufactured. It is a backplane, a card with HW NOP instructions for tests and several boards for LEDs.

    Address LEDs

    Data LEDs

    System LEDs

    NOP card


  • 2. Front panel design

    Michal11/04/2023 at 06:26 0 comments

    I opted for an Altair 8800 style front panel with LEDs and switches.